A Career In Investment Banking

Besides being lucrative, Investment Banking is one of the most competitive areas for aspiring candidates to enter the banking industry. Mostly, investment banks seek to recruit candidates who come from top universities and business schools. In order to start a career in investment banking, you need to have excellent analytical abilities, communication skills and aptitude for numbers.Career OptionsInvestment banking is one of best options for candidates who possess drive, confidence and stamina. It is not meant for the feint of heart, as investment banking requires very a strong personality. Stamina and drive are both important, as financial services industry employee work long hours, particularly when they have to deal with deadlines. Generally, the working hours of an employee in investment banking ranges between 60 to 70 hours. However, during busy times, working hours may extend through the weekend.Investment banking is composed of different sectors within which you can choose a suitable career. Investment banks also have various divisions within different sectors. When applying to a bank, candidates should make up their mind about which area they would like to join. The choice of area depends on their abilities and interests. Some of the sectors in investment banking are as follows:Corporate Finance: Corporate finance includes a range of areas such as debt and equity capital, appropriate capital structures and mergers and acquisitions. Advisory services include sector specialists, who are supported by several general service teams.Sales And Trading: Sales and trading is considered to be one of the most popular areas of work in the field of investment banking. A number of employees are required to work within the sales and trading departments. The work calls for hard working people with the ability to think fast and make key decisions in just seconds. The basic role of a sales and trading employee is to inform clients about the opinion of the bank on certain assets and markets.As sales and trading staff spend most of their working hours in talking to clients, it is important for employees to have strong communication skills. Additionally, employees working in the sales and trading department in investment bank need to have a complete understanding of the research produced by their company. They should also be able to present sophisticated arguments in a convincing manner to a very sophisticated client base.Research: Employees working with the research department provide clients with up-to-date reports on certain areas of interest. Analysts in the research department specialize in a specific business sector or area, thereby developing reports that can be safely distributed to clients. Besides having effective analytical abilities, good analysts working with the research department in investment banking need to have effective communicative skills, ability to think clearly and present clear ideas with confidence to the clients.If you have a great amount of drive, determination and stamina, a career in investment banking could prove to be very lucrative, exciting and rewarding.

Technical Support Services for Energy Efficiency Projects

Large businesses, particularly IT companies are making substantial investments to control and reduce IT energy consumption. This in turn is generating business for technical support service companies who are improving their capabilities to support energy efficiency. In fact according to market researches, in the next couple of years 100 % of businesses are anticipated to make extensive investment in facility energy management and energy and carbon management. While close to 90% have plans for investing in smart meters and sustainable data-centers.Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of reduced energy consumption and the significant savings they can make through efficient power use especially with the rapidly rising energy prices and carbon taxes.Technical support to enable energy efficiencyIn the recent years there has been a shift of focus on sustainability. While energy management has always been given due attention, until recently the focus was more on making sustainability developments around data-centers, the greatest source of energy consumption. But now the scenario has changed and companies are more interested in enhancing sustainability across the organization. This will drive the use of new power management technologies including smart energy metering systems, etc to be provided and supported by IT service vendors.With IT budget remaining flat across industries in 2012 technical support companies are refraining from selling only into the IT departments. With big plans for smart meter roll out in UK (GB Smart Metering Implementation Program that will install smart meters in homes and businesses across the UK) businesses in this region will soon experience the benefits of energy management.Technical support providers preferred for sustainability projects When it comes to sustainability initiatives companies prefer appointing external technical support service providers. Service providers are required for implementation and maintenance support for a wide variety of sustainability projects. Companies also prefer to engage with IT support vendors for niche advisory projects, according to markets research analyses. However according to reports despite such influx of demand for IT support services investments in IT services will not increase dramatically until 2014. As a consequence IT vendors will have to be content with little return on investment.The reports also suggest that these technical support companies are likely to fulfill customer demand optimally around sustainability. Several large IT companies are setting benchmarks, with practices devoted to energy and sustainability services. All these companies have broad portfolio of offerings covering large market segments, solid sustainability consulting skills to help clients in their green initiative, and active participation in promoting corporate sustainability performance.ConclusionIn fact lots of technical support vendors are broadening their offerings to support the energy efficiency initiatives. Based on their success in select market segments these companies are planning to expand their service portfolio to tap into new markets. Product manufacturing companies lead the way in terms of corporate sustainability performance, achieving the highest brand recognition among buyers for their sustainability offerings. On the other hand the technical support service firms score very high when it comes to corporate achievements on sustainability metrics.